I forgot my username or password. What do I do now?

Click on Forgot Password on the login in page.

What do I need to register for an online account?

An email address and your account number.

What is the benefit of registering for an account over making a Guest Payment?

Guest payments - no login or password is needed, have your account and payment information on hand.

Registering allows - view statements, save payment details to pay on demand or schedule one time and reoccurring payments.

How is my payment information secured?

Payment information is encrypted. Accounts are password protected..

Why enforce a minimum length on passwords?

To protect customers sensitive information.

Can I cancel a payment?

Only on payments set up through autopay that are in the status of “Pending”. Pay now and Guest Payments are on demand and can’t be cancelled.

What method of payment can I use to pay my bill online?

ACH payments using your bank account information.

What if my amount due is over my Scheduled Maximum Payment?

If your Save-A-Dollar payment exceeds the Scheduled Maximum Payment, your payment Will Not be processed. One time payments can be made when viewing the statement or in your profile under manage payments.